We’ve all gone mad for Prosecco!

In the UK alone, we buy 1 out of every 5 bottles produced. Global sparkling wine consumption is set to rise by 7.4% up to 2019, a lot of that is down to Prosecco, but there’s more to it than just bubbles, it’s such an interesting wine.

Creamy, yet light and dry with fruity notes; Prosecco is produced from the glera grape in the Veneto – Friuli region a small area to the North West of Venice. Prosecco wines may exhibit notes of peach, citrus, apple, pear and almonds. The Italians living in and around the Treviso foothills have cultivated the vine for centuries. The composition of these soils is ideal for giving the grapes character and bouquet, combined with the temperature range between day and night due to the nearby mountains.

Perfect conditions for the bubbles we love!

Prosecco! Champagne’s sexy Italian cousin!

Prosecco-ecco provides PROSECCO TASTINGS where we demonstrate the different styles of Prosecco. There''s more to it than you think!

Supermarkets and wine shops have more and more varieties of sparkling wine on offer and at prosecco-ecco we want to demonstrate how a little understanding means you will buy the perfect bottle every time.

Our parties are a light-hearted way to demonstrate the qualities and types of Prosecco. We’re not out and out wine buffs, we love Prosecco and want to spread the word! We cater for any occasion, whether it is just a casual chance to catch up with friends whilst trying posh Proseccos, a VIP night out, or a tasting session as a hen party warm-up, a prosecco tasting is a great way to get together to celebrate in style! Who needs an excuse to pop open the bottle and enjoy the light, delicate taste of Prosecco?

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Its really all about having a good time!

We are enthusiastic party planners and want to make your event as special as possible. All of our Prosecco tastings and Prosecco cocktail parties are light, relaxed and informative so whether you want to sit and chat or get involved in some mixology we appeal to the Prosecco enthusiast or the complete beginner.
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Book a party with Prosecco-ecco! We bring the party to you. We provide PROSECCO TASTINGS where you''ll taste up to 6 different award winning Proseccos; the finest the region has to offer - some you will find surprising! or PROSECCO COCKTAIL PARTIES where we demonstrate how adding Prosecco makes your cocktail fizz!. Feel free to make an enquiry. Prices start at £25 per person (minimum 6 persons).

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